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Last meeting before Origins this weekend


Our regular meeting on Saturday, May 31 is our last regular meeting before Origins. Please remember to return any library games you may have taken off-site so that they will be available for Board Room patrons at the convention.

Memorial Day Picnic This Weekend


The annual CABS Memorial Day Picnic will take place during meeting time this Saturday. CABS will supply paper plates, napkins, and utensils... all you need to bring is the food! Salad, snacks, appetizers... anything you can bring will be appreciated. A small outdoor charcoal grill will be available for burgers, hot dogs, and the like.

Board of Directors Meeting May 31


The Board of Directors will hold its second May meeting at 6pm during the Saturday, May 31 meeting. Primary agenda items are continued discussion of the new proposed club charter, as well as preparations for Origins. All CABS members are invited to attend.

Library check-outs closed through Origins


In preparations for our yearly operation of the Board Room at Origins, we ask that games from the library not be taken off-site until after the convention. Also, if you have a library game at home, please bring it back by the end of the month so it can be made available to Origins-goers.

Library clean-up on June 1


Nathan Morse, librarian, will be running a library clean-up session to prepare for Origins at 2pm on Sunday, June 1. All volunteer assistance in this effort is appreciated. Tasks involve sorting games, cataloging new additions to the library, and preparing the cabinets for transport to the convention center.

Netrunner Tournament on May 31


CABS member Jeff Kayati will serve as tournament organizer for a 16-person Netrunner tournament to be held on May 31. Entry will be free for CABS members, $10 for non-members. Format is expected to be Swiss (although this is subject to change depending on number of participants).

Prize support includes: 16 Adonis Campaign alternate art cards (one for each player)

Top 4 prizes will come from a selection of: 2013 Season 2 Mat Datasucker alternate art card Haas-Bioroid alternate art card Kate "Mac" McCaffrey Alternate art card (1st place gets first choice, 2nd gets second choice, etc)

Last place player will receive a Scorched Earth alternate art card.

Details on preregistration and exact start time will be made available at a later date.

Rooms @ Hyatt Available for Origins


CABS is reselling some of the room nights received under our contract for running the Board Room at Origins. Rooms at the Hyatt Regency (the host hotel directly attached to the convention center) are available for $400 for the entire weekend (Wednesday-Saturday nights). If interested, please contact Ian Zernechel, CABS convention director, at

Update from Board of Directors meeting


The Board of Directors met last week to begin discussion and approval of a new club charter. The three articles discussed included makeup of the Executive Board and officer roles, and establishment of committees. The next two board meetings will have substantial portions devoted to discussion of the charter before submitting the proposed document to the membership for approval.

Minutes of the meeting are available upon request.

CABS Game Night @ Shadowbox May 28


On May 28, CABS will host our first sort-of-monthly Game Night in conjunction with Shadowbox Live at their Backstage Bistro restaurant & bar.

Shadowbox Live has been a fixture of live entertainment in Columbus for over 20 years, and opened their own full-service bar and restaurant in 2011 along with their new theater in the Brewery District. We've been invited to host a game night during the middle of the week to bring some business to the restaurant on an off night. In return, Shadowbox will be promoting the event (and CABS) to all of their patrons. We're still working out some of the details with Shadowbox, but but right now we can tell you about the following discounts:

$2 off pizzas $2 off oven-baked nachos $15 buckets of Bud Light (5 bottles) 1/2 price on select crostinis

More details to come!

Deadline for Origins Discount Approaching


CABS will be submitting its final 2014 membership list to GAMA for Origins discounts on or around May 15. Only members who are on the membership roll at that time will be eligible for the Origins discount. If you've been putting off becoming a 2014 CABS member, and want to make sure you get the reduced Origins rate, sign up soon! You can sign up in person at a CABS meeting or on the membership page of our web site.