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Call for Buckeye Game Fest Volunteers


Our own convention is right around the corner and it’s time to start calling for volunteers! If you are willing to help man the game cabinets, we’d like to hear from you. You will need to be able to use the computer for check-in & check-out of games, locate/pull/return games and help new convention registrants get badges.

Instead of first-come first serve, we’ll fill the available slots based on people emailing with your preferred time slots in order of desire. We will randomly pull from all the emails that come in, filling the available slots per the requests as best we can until all slots are filled. The cut off to make that first pull will be midnight on July 17. At the following night's meeting on July 18, any remaining slots will be available to whomever signs-up first.

Please provide your full name and email in your request.

You must be a current member to fill a slot. You must be able to use the computer check-in and out procedures. Volunteers will receive CABS cash for the dealers room at an amount to be determined later..

These are the slots available:

  • Thursday: 12-3, 3-6, 6-9 (x2), 9-12
  • Friday: 9-12, 12-3, 3-6 (x2), 6-9 (x2), 9-12 (x2)
  • Saturday: (all slots need two people) 9-12, 12-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12
  • Sunday: 9-12, 12-3

We should have a preliminary schedule of events out shortly. Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you,
Ian Zernechel, CABS Convention Director

Board of Directors Meeting Postponed to July 12


Due to the anticipated lack of a quorum, the Board of Directors meeting originally scheduled for 6pm on July 5 has been postponed to 3pm on July 12. While an official agenda has not yet been created, anticipated topics include the third phase of discussion on the proposed charter, and a recap of Origins. All CABS members are invited to attend the meeting.

Interesting Facts About The Board Room


It's still a bit of a "slow news week" as we recover from Origins, so here are some fun facts about how the weekend went.

2,803 game checkouts were logged during the convention. With the Board Room library open for a total of 63 hours, that means our volunteers checked out on average 44 games per hour, or about one game every 1.36 minutes.

The CABS library started the convention with 853 titles, and ended the convention with about 100 more than that! 550 unique game titles were checked out at least once during the con, meaning that well over half our library was played by somebody over the 5 days. The Top 5 most checked out games at the convention were:

Splendor - 61 Trains - 37 Kingdom Builder - 25 Terra Mystica -22 Rampage / Machi Koro / Fairy Tale - 21

Also, we forgot to mention a couple of library donors in last week's e-mail! Many thanks to Derpy Games and Jeff & Carla Horger for their donations to the library.

Board of Directors Meeting July 5


The Board of Directors will hold its monthly meeting at 6pm on July 5 in the front meeting room. Topics for discussion include the third round of discussion on the proposed charter, as well as recapping our Origins experience. CABS members are encouraged to visit the meeting.

Second Game Night at Shadowbox July 16


On Wednesday, July 16, CABS will host its second Bring Your Own Game night at Shadowbox Live's Backstage Bistro. Our first event in May had more than 30 gamers show up, including many who are not CABS members.

These events are a great opportunity for CABS to promote itself to a new group of gamers, and a chance for CABS members to enjoy some food and drink with their games!

More details on restaurant and bar discounts will be released once we have worked them out with Shadowbox.

Board Room at Origins Next Week!


CABS will not hold regular meetings this week or next week in preparation for running the Board Room at Origins. We will be loading the game cabinets onto the truck destined for the Greater Columbus Convention Center starting at 9am. All volunteers to assist in this effort, both at the CABS meeting location (from roughly 9am-10am) and at the convention center (from roughly 10:30am to noon) on Wednesday, July 11, are greatly appreciated.

Summer Sale for Non-Member Day Fees


The Board of Directors voted at last week's meeting to start a Summer Sale for non-member day fees. Starting with the June 21 meeting until Buckeye Game Fest, the day fee for non-members is reduced to $5 from the previous $10.

Columbus Dispatch Seeking Catan Qualifier Participants


CABS has been approached by a writer for the Columbus Dispatch who would like to talk with anyone participating in the Catan World Championship Qualifiers at Origins. If you're interested, please e-mail with the contact information you would like passed along to the writer.

32 Attend First CABS Game Night at Shadowbox


The first Bring Your Own Game Night at Shadowbox Live's Backstage Bistro welcomed 32 gamers on June 28. Free raffle prizes included boardgames and pairs of tickets to Shadowbox Live's evening shows. About 1/4th of the attendees were not current CABS members and the event gave us a great opportunity to introduce our club to a new audience.

Thanks to Kristin Genchi, CABS member, and Brandon Anderson, Shadowbox Assistant Director of Operations, for all their help! The second CABS Game Night will be hosted at Shadowbox on Thursday, July 10.

Iello Games Seeking Origins Volunteers


Iello Games, publisher of King of Tokyo and the redesign of Innovation, is seeking additional volunteers to help with Origins. If interested, please contact and mention that you were referred by CABS.